Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things of 2011

Another list of what's to come not what already happened.

  • Another two semesters of school
  • A wonderful New York Summer
  • More birthdays, more oldness, more celebration
  • Pretty Spring flowers
  • Pasta making
  • Driving in my happy Junebug
  • The beginning of my senior year....jeepers
  • Great discoveries
  • Miracles
  • Dancing
  • Some crying, always necessary to tell us to appreciate the good
  • My last Nutcracker
  • College applications
  • Tests, important tests
  • New music
  • New memories
  • More graduates
  • Small company
  • Organization
  • Disorganization
  • Frazzle fits
  • Happiness
  • Giggles
  • Love
I like the future. It's a pretty picture in my mind.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tah Dah!

 Sorry about the ridiculous amount of time it has been since I last posted. There really isn't much of an excuse for it...
To finish off my long overdue New York posts of last summer *I mean really, how is it already October?*
The things I saw blew my mind, here is just a small list of a few things that still shine through my already rusty memory.

  • Walking to Serendipity from Rockafeller Center...ouch
  • Going nuts in the dorm room and singing and dancing for my audience of Julie.
  • Eating ice cream at 1 in the morning
  • Running in heels to get into Promises, Promises before it started.
  • Trying to have a picnic in the park and the rain coming down.
  • A lovely boat ride around in the Hudson
  • A lovely row boat ride around Central Park.
  • Coming home and collapsing in the blessed 66 degree air conditioning.
  • Racing to be the first with their key card out to get in the building.
  • waking up to a dead mouse.
  • spewing of sewage in Union Square
The things I ate should be a sin. Another list:
  • Crumbs cupcakes
  • Pinkberry Fro-yo
  • Vanessa's Dumplings' Jasmine bubble tea
  • Black hound dessert cakes
  • Serendipity delicacies 
  • Juniors Cheesecake
  • Pizza, lots and lots of NY style Pizza
  • Nutella Pizza
  • Magnolia Bakery cake
  • French Roast coffee
  • Thai Me Up pineapple fried rice.
Thanks for keeping up with my bloggy even though I am a terrible blog mama.

Love Madimoomoo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dancing in the Boogie Wonderland

Here they are! My journey through New York City posts...In parts

Part 1: Taking class

The entire reason for my going to NYC with the Scholarship group was to improve-in as many ways as possible- my dancing abilities. I went to Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway, two open class organizations letting anyone dance if they had the will, guts, and $17. From these places I took Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, Theatre, Yoga, and Pilates...also combinations of the two such as Contemporary Jazz. I had so much fun in every class and absolutely loved the teachers (such amazing people) and learned so much. Here is the line up of favorites as far as teachers:

  • Ballet: 
    1. Koppel- sweetest little lady, with wonderful center combinations
    2. Salmon- amazing critiques to keep the progress coming, awesome analogies
    3. Silantyev- cutest little old man I have ever seen, with a very traditional class.
  • Contemporary:
    1. Slam- most amazing warm up ever, beautiful choreography with very in-depth breakdowns of how he wanted it.
    2. TIE Mousset- very attractive with great choreography,,, Stanfield sub- lovely combination that we did and crazy warm up
    3. Ginger Cox- hard warm-up, probably would've gotten 2nd if I had taken her class earlier in the week. She taught so fast, but had very different challenging choreography.
    4. Huggins- felt extremely good doing his combination, with amazing flow, pretty hard warm-up.
  • Theatre: 
    1. Marquette- choreographed warm-up that was ridiculously tiring but fun after learning it. Great critiques, and super fun combinations, that were stuck in my head the rest of the day.
    2. Skinner- very old theater MGM style choreography that just felt good. I wish I had taken his class more, but he was only there one week. (Basically should be in a different category since the two are so different in style)
  • Jazz:
    1. Roshe- Her class felt like a time machine back to the nineties with Brittany Spears and old Beyonce music. So upbeat and crazy though, I loved it so much.
    2. Rigg- only took her once and the class was more simple than others, but very sultry Jazz choreography, I have to admit a lot of the fun of that class was watching others do the choreo, shameless I know but comical.
  • Classes that win because it was the only one of that genre I took, or they were beyond amazing:
    1. Yoga with Amber Paul- she was such a sunny happy person with challenging poses in every class. I loved taking her class in the early morning for an awesome start to the day.
    2. Pilates with Kerr- I got so sore from that pilates class, and she focused on the strength of dancers in the exercises, a whole lot faster paced than others which I preferred.
    3. Pilates with Laticia- also a very sunny person and made my body ache in a good way afterwards
    4. Tap with a Sub- not your ordinary tap class, warm-up of course but we focused on four specific steps, with one of them being a combo of the other three. One of these was the Bandolino, which was a traveling time step but not THE traveling time step <<<(for those who take tap). I really wish I had taken more tap classes.
    5. Jazz Funk with Murakami- craziest lady I have ever taken a class from, the choreography made you feel so awesome and sexy it was ridiculous. The only poop thing about her class was how crowded it was, which tells you something about how awesome the class is.
  • Overall Favorites:
    1. Murakami- I just loved her class so much, and want to take it again and again.
    2. Slam- his warm-up and choreography (warm-up especially) are addicting.
    3. Koppel- great ballet class in every way.
    4. Marquette- super duper fun, but very hard working class.
Other things I did for dance.
Yoga in Times Square, called Solstice. It was totally a super awesome experience feeling that calm in the middle of that high energy, high pace place. Who knew you could basically fall asleep in Times Square.

Love and cupcakes to you lovely people,

Sunday, June 20, 2010


so funny, i love the snapple website descriptions.

Some of you are great athletes. Everyone else, well, you try really hard.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New York, New York!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I know I'm a bad blog mama. Like my new backround to the blog?... Anyways I am now in the Big Apple, glorious NYC. I love it, already so much fun. Already seeing some famous people, such as...Gev Manoukian from SYTYCD. So nice, the picture we took with him will follow up soon. Anyways, have a wonderful day friends!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Goals

I was thinking about this while looking at the J. Crew catalog.
These are some of my goals in life.
Before I graduate, be able to see or perform like Anaheim Ballet members.
Anaheim Ballet Video
Go to an awesome college somewhere fun and with great Pre-med programs
Do something I love and be able to afford this
or this
or this.
Maybe have one of these to keep me company.
And have a Magnolia tree in front of and cherry blossom tree in back of one of these.

I love J. Crew.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Willy Nilly

My random thoughts for the day.

  • Ironing is enjoyable
  • Fun. is quite a good band for happy days.
  • I love my dance fambly a whole lot.
  • Grease is very hard to get out of one's head.
  • Tan tights are very strangely dark.
  • Gummy vitamins are a god sent.
  • Texas is bipolar with its weather.
  • Everyone should come see Grease!!! its awesome.
  • My blog page looks morose and blue. 
  • yellow is a good color.
  • My hair is basically fried.
  • I want to drive Pompeii (my car) right now
  • This next week will be interesting.
  • Today is Saturday.
  • Go have fun.